Car owners will say they know and understand how important it is to wash and wax their car to protect the paint of the car and for resale value. However, for some reason many wash their only and neglect waxing it.

Wax is important to protecting your car’s paint. It is important to protect the paint of your car since it is the protective coating for your cars metal body. You car is in constant subjection to nature’s elements including the rain, sun, hail, and wind. These are all elements that can have damaging effects to your vehicle which makes waxing your vehicle that much more important. It can also keep dirt from settling on your car, which makes washing it much easier.

Also, you want your car to look shiny and new and wax keeps your car looking shiny and new. With no wax on your car a oxidation can occur. Oxidation is a chemical process which causes oxygen to interact with different elements. This process can cause the paint on your car to dull. No one wants their car to have dull paint! A coat of wax can prevent this from happening because wax protects the elements on the car from reacting with oxygen.

Here at Craig Road Car Wash we understand the importance of washing and waxing is to keep your car looking shiny and new. Come to Craig Road Car Wash and we will hand wax your vehicle for you!!!

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