Light Up Your Drive: Headlights & Daylight Saving

As we approach the transition to Daylight Saving Time, Sunday November 5th, 2023, it’s important to recognize the pivotal role that headlights play in ensuring your safety on the road. These essential components of your vehicle not only illuminate your path but also make your presence known to other drivers. In this enlightening blog post, we delve into the significance of headlight restoration and replacement, especially with the impending change in daylight hours.

Why Headlights Matter, Especially with Daylight Saving Time

Visibility in Diminished Light: With the days growing shorter and darkness descending earlier, your headlights become your lifeline during evening commutes. They allow you to see the road clearly and navigate safely.

Enhanced Visibility: Beyond illuminating your way, headlights ensure that your vehicle is visible to others. As natural light diminishes, your headlights serve as a beacon, reducing the risk of accidents.

What Causes Headlight Fogginess?

Headlight fogginess can be attributed to several factors. The most prevalent culprit is UV damage from relentless sun exposure, causing the plastic lens to turn yellow and cloudy. Additionally, road debris can scratch or pit the lens, while aging and weathering also contribute to the clouding effect.

How Much Does Headlight Fogginess Affect Visibility?

Extensive research conducted by AAA reveals that foggy headlights can slash light output by nearly 80% when compared to brand-new lenses. This drastic reduction in visibility can prove especially treacherous during nighttime or inclement weather driving conditions, increasing the risk of accidents. Therefore, maintaining clear headlights is paramount, especially with Daylight Saving Time ending soon.

The Transformation with Headlight Restoration

Professional headlight restoration can work wonders for your visibility, ensuring you’re prepared for the extended darkness that comes with the time change. It typically restores headlights to an impressive 80-90% of their original condition, significantly enhancing safety and driving experience.

DIY Headlight Kits vs. Professional Restoration Services

While DIY headlight kits are available on the market, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Always follow instructions meticulously, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals that might exacerbate the damage. For extensively damaged headlights, seeking professional restoration is often the wisest choice, especially as daylight becomes scarcer.

Professional headlight restoration comes at a higher cost compared to a DIY kit. However, this initial investment guarantees enduring clarity and eliminates the necessity for frequent restoration.

Incorporate Headlights into Your Inspection Routine

Make headlight inspection a regular part of your vehicle maintenance routine, especially as we transition to Daylight Saving Time. This proactive approach allows you to detect any damage early on and take the necessary steps to either restore or replace them before they pose a safety hazard.

Ready to Restore Your Headlights?